Saturday, April 7, 2012


Holy shit I haven't been keeping up on this at all. The PAINS "demo I" cd is available for $3ppd it looks like this-
PAINS/KOM(A)TOSE split cd will be out soon as well as PAINS noise/drone release titled "Blasphemous Canvas, Skin Golden Light" both initially on cd followed by limited cassette releases.

Our friends at are releasing a limited amount of Violent Inhalant mini-cd-r's called "Black Acid Temple" get on over and grab one if so inclined.

A bunch of shit I gotta get done. Surgery/illness/procrastination/and hating things has caused the gears to slow at amputeam's "HQ" but it can only get better right? Maybe.

I think Morose is dead...if not there's not much left in 'em. Hopefully their "Masochist Initiate" full length will get finished at least to show the last progression of the band. Blahblablargh.

Other stuff still in the works, the most  important being the incredible full length from Portland's SEI HEXE called "To Rot My Soul Is Smiling" I'll rave about it when it's about to be unleashed.

So yeah, get stoned, listen to noise, drop out of school, hide in your room, and chain-smoke cigarettes like your inner delinquent wants you to.  -jimmy