Saturday, April 7, 2012


Holy shit I haven't been keeping up on this at all. The PAINS "demo I" cd is available for $3ppd it looks like this-
PAINS/KOM(A)TOSE split cd will be out soon as well as PAINS noise/drone release titled "Blasphemous Canvas, Skin Golden Light" both initially on cd followed by limited cassette releases.

Our friends at are releasing a limited amount of Violent Inhalant mini-cd-r's called "Black Acid Temple" get on over and grab one if so inclined.

A bunch of shit I gotta get done. Surgery/illness/procrastination/and hating things has caused the gears to slow at amputeam's "HQ" but it can only get better right? Maybe.

I think Morose is dead...if not there's not much left in 'em. Hopefully their "Masochist Initiate" full length will get finished at least to show the last progression of the band. Blahblablargh.

Other stuff still in the works, the most  important being the incredible full length from Portland's SEI HEXE called "To Rot My Soul Is Smiling" I'll rave about it when it's about to be unleashed.

So yeah, get stoned, listen to noise, drop out of school, hide in your room, and chain-smoke cigarettes like your inner delinquent wants you to.  -jimmy   

Friday, February 3, 2012

February 3rd 2010

Lots of upcomin shizz from the AMPUTEAM in the next few months.
Releases by:
Opossum Head
Sei Hexe (pro-tape co-release with Midnight Sea Records)
Pains "Demo I"
Pains/Kom(A)tose split from Arcata, CA
Violent Inhalant collection
and more that I can't think of at the moment.
I'll post a real update on here in the next few days. AMPUTAPE AIN'T DEAD

Thursday, March 10, 2011

MOROSE and WAKE THE MACHINES APRIL TOUR!!! updated 3/30/2011

Morose will be meeting up with thee 1/3 naked noise grinders Wake the Machines from Concord, CA for a tour down the west coast. Here are the tentative dates:

April 22nd - Portland, Or @ Megaton Haus w/ Antikythera, Sloths, Sei Hexe 6:30pm
April 23rd - Portland, Or @ Lunge House (aka:bathhouse) w/ Lunge, Honduran 8pm
April 24th - Ashland, Or @ generator show in the woods by Ashland w/ Sink The Missouri for info contact  8pm if weather is shit it will be at Medford Pyrate Punks house

April 25th- Arcata, Ca @ The Big Tree w/ Macula, They Came At Dawn 7pm 
April 26th – SF, Ca NEED HELP!
April 27th – Oakland, Ca @ The Womansion w/ MRSA, Buried at Birth(!)
April 28th – Redding or Chico, Ca?
April 29th – Eugene, Or @ Aminata Bar w/ ARA, and Opossum Head 9pm
Come out and get bloody!

Friday, February 18, 2011

CONFESSIONS cassette out now!

You can order the new/first Confessions cassette now. First run of 100 on translucent red cassettes, includes insert with lyrics/info. They are $5 postage paid

VIOLENT INHALANT and MOROSE tapes out soon.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


CONFESSIONS "demonstration" will be out February 19th. You can get them from the band at this show:
Saturday, February 19, 2011 at 6:00pm
The Highway House 1937 NE Pacific
Portland, OR
or you can order from us if you don't get a chance to catch them in person. CONFESSIONS is made up of some of the most prolific musicians in the Portland underground. This five song cassette fuses late '70's Warsaw era Joy Division with the best moments of the first Bauhaus record. The end result is an infectious  dark sound that could easily be some relic of early English post-punk/death rock. The initial run will be limited to 100 on translucent red cassettes. More details soon.

CONFESSIONS pic by Jacqui Rae
Check out her excellent photo blog here:

VIOLENT INHALANT "breathe through the blood" cassette is almost done. Ranging from harsh noise to blown out ambience all dedicated to violence. We are doing a cd-r version in addition to the cassette. Comes with a razorblade and full color cover art that will probably make you feel dirty. This will be a run of 30 copies on cassette/cd-r.
Also out soon: Morose "lethe" cassette, Lowlife Housing zine (a collection of writing from various folks), and other shit that you are going to want.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Amputape releases as of 12/27/2010

#1- Thee Letting Forth of Fire/Behold "live split cassete" limited to 88 (OOP) 
TLFOF- 23 minutes of atmospheric doom
Behold- Spokane kids slam the hardcore hammer down
#2- Amputape Portland Compilation Limited to 300 (a few copies left)
Roughly 42 minutes of some of thee finest Grind/Crust/D-Beat/Witchery from PDX
Tracks fom Transient, Honduran, Murderess, Squalora, Abandon, Raw Nerves, Sei Hexe, and Machine Gun Congress.

#3-AAPOAA "We Are Everywhere E.P." Limited to 60 (Still Available)
Sadly this band is on hiatus at the moment. Combine Kylesa, The Wipers, and Portland in general and you get the idea. Six songs about tearing shit apart and dealing with the remains. Dig it.
#4- ELITIST "First Recordings 2008" Tour Only Edition of 50 on translucent blue cassettes (OOP)
ELITIST is the aural equivelant of being beaten with a metal trash can. Completely relentless metal/grind that barrels over you before you realize what the fuck just happened.
#5-ELITIST "Hotel E.P." Tour Only Edition of 50 on translucent blue cassettes (OOP)
Total destruction from these PDX killers. These recordings are not available anywhere else, at least not these versions. Extremely evil/dark blasts of hate and disgust. If you get the chance to see them do not miss it!

#6- Murderess "The last Thing You Will Ever See..." Limited to 100 with Full color covers (vinyl on Aborted Society Records) A few copies still available.
Absolutely crucial MetalCrust from these ladies and gent. Fenriz (Darkthrone) picked this album for his top ten of 2010 so I will let him tell you why: "Former BAND OF THE WEEK because of an astonishing demo, these Portland maniacs head onwards with their VERY organic sound, reminding the listener of BURZUM/DARKTHRONE gone crust at first. Then later all the details reveal themselves, and you find more and more substance. Songs like SINKING FURTHER and VICTIMIZED are already classics in my book and give me goosebumps every time I hear them.
So many try to copy Vargs vocals, but it is when it happens unintentionally that it is interesting for me. Vocals have a touch of KORGULL THE EXTERMINATOR as well, very very raw. Drumming is excellent, the riffs are truly epicly crafted and the execution of it all is like HIS HERO IS GONE fused with the 3 first VOIVOD albums. But i am not a reviewer, I am a listener and an ENJOYER, so this is all i wanna say for now. This beautiful vinyl version (cleverly and tastefully coloured vinyl) will most likely become a collectors item, so run and buy it at first sight.
THANK YOU Rachel and Amanda and Eben for making this music happen!"