Saturday, January 29, 2011


CONFESSIONS "demonstration" will be out February 19th. You can get them from the band at this show:
Saturday, February 19, 2011 at 6:00pm
The Highway House 1937 NE Pacific
Portland, OR
or you can order from us if you don't get a chance to catch them in person. CONFESSIONS is made up of some of the most prolific musicians in the Portland underground. This five song cassette fuses late '70's Warsaw era Joy Division with the best moments of the first Bauhaus record. The end result is an infectious  dark sound that could easily be some relic of early English post-punk/death rock. The initial run will be limited to 100 on translucent red cassettes. More details soon.

CONFESSIONS pic by Jacqui Rae
Check out her excellent photo blog here:

VIOLENT INHALANT "breathe through the blood" cassette is almost done. Ranging from harsh noise to blown out ambience all dedicated to violence. We are doing a cd-r version in addition to the cassette. Comes with a razorblade and full color cover art that will probably make you feel dirty. This will be a run of 30 copies on cassette/cd-r.
Also out soon: Morose "lethe" cassette, Lowlife Housing zine (a collection of writing from various folks), and other shit that you are going to want.