Thursday, March 10, 2011

MOROSE and WAKE THE MACHINES APRIL TOUR!!! updated 3/30/2011

Morose will be meeting up with thee 1/3 naked noise grinders Wake the Machines from Concord, CA for a tour down the west coast. Here are the tentative dates:

April 22nd - Portland, Or @ Megaton Haus w/ Antikythera, Sloths, Sei Hexe 6:30pm
April 23rd - Portland, Or @ Lunge House (aka:bathhouse) w/ Lunge, Honduran 8pm
April 24th - Ashland, Or @ generator show in the woods by Ashland w/ Sink The Missouri for info contact  8pm if weather is shit it will be at Medford Pyrate Punks house

April 25th- Arcata, Ca @ The Big Tree w/ Macula, They Came At Dawn 7pm 
April 26th – SF, Ca NEED HELP!
April 27th – Oakland, Ca @ The Womansion w/ MRSA, Buried at Birth(!)
April 28th – Redding or Chico, Ca?
April 29th – Eugene, Or @ Aminata Bar w/ ARA, and Opossum Head 9pm
Come out and get bloody!